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    Face The Fear Podcast – Women, Money, and Mindset with Abby Vick

    Face The Fear Podcast with Abby Vick

    Abby Vick is a powerhouse financial advisor and entrepreneur. After graduating from Taylor University with a social work degree and working in the Active Trader Group at Charles Schwab, Abby founded Paradigm Money Management with the goal of revolutionizing the financial services industry. She empowers women to dramatically shift their thinking around money and awaken their full financial potential. In this episode, we tackle questions like: –

    • What changes should the financial industry make to stay relevant and serve people who traditionally lack financial education?
    • Why is it important to be wealthy instead of being rich? How do I build wealth?
    • What is the fear/greed cycle?
    • What unique challenges to women face when planning for their financial futures? How can we overcome these challenges and thrive?
    • Tips to start investing!

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